Alexa Clay
Amma: taking a stand on environmental issues
Written by Alexa Clay

For most of us we rise to the challenge of compassion passively. We wait for the urgency; for the tragedy or terror of events to unfold before we realize our responsibility. We wait for the humane to be given priority and articulation on a socio-political agenda. And only then do we become “ambitious” agents of change. But, there are others who don’t wait with idleness to feel motivated; who don’t wait for a mission statement. There are others who move about the world with such courage and curiosity that they…

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Kechi Dahou
Muffled Voices, Ruffled Feathers: How not to do environmental sustainability
Written by Kechi Dahou

In 1997 or thereabouts, I was struck and shocked by the fear in my cousin’s voice as she greeted me outside her house in Festac, Lagos, Nigeria. ‘How on earth did you get here?’ she whispered as she dragged me quickly through the iron gates – looking from left to right to check that no-one had seen me. It was about eight thirty in the morning and I’d just arrived from the East of Nigeria by coach. ‘Didn’t you know? It’s Environmental! If you get caught you can be jailed!’…

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Francesca Carnibella
Why alice?
Written by Francesca Carnibella

Why alice? I’m a young woman who campaigns on climate change. I recently counted that in 18 months I had 60 work meetings, only 9 of which were with women. Meanwhile, from the highlands of Bolivia to the fuel poor homes of Britain, women disproportionately bear the burden of the climate and economic crises. These realities, both personal and political, are unjust. And for me, solving these injustices is not just about quantity. It’s not just about reducing the number of women who are affected by climate change and increasing…

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